Is AI the Future of Sales? What Sales Leaders Think.
As part of a global study on the future of sales, Cien is engaging sales professionals around the world to quantify their willingness to trust recommendations from an AI-powered decision engine. Participants who complete a short survey receive a free copy of the study.
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What impact do you think artificial intelligence will have on your job in 10 years time?

If CRM were a martial art, what belt would you be?

Hint: white belts are for beginners, black belts are for masters

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Does your organization use Salesforce?

What would be the biggest upside for you? *

How much confidence do you have in the quality of your CRM data? *

Where and when would you rather get your CRM data?

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How much visibility do you have on the following?

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Your macro-environment *

Eg. competitive moves, business cycles, changes in a local territory

The way your sales people feel *

Eg. motivation, quality of support and training

The way your sales people act *

Eg. activities typically reported in a CRM

The quality of your sales pipeline *

Eg. forecasts, likelihood to close

Do you supplement your CRM with any of these tools or add-ons? *

As a professional, whom do you relate to the most?

What's your biggest concern this year?

Attrition of great players *

Ramping up new sales people *

Team motivation *

Aligning compensation with results *

Introducing new methodologies or tools *

Optimizing my team's playbook *

Allocating sales and marketing resources *

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Would you use an app like Cien?

Cien is a sales productivity app that uses artificial intelligence to detect problems, predict outcomes and increase the added value of sales.
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